Frequently Asked Questions

How long do preserved roses last?

Preserved roses last for about 8 months, if handled correctly.

How should I handle my preserved roses?

Please follow these recommendations for them to last 8 months or more:

- Do not expose them directly sunlight for long periods of time.

- Keep them away from high humidity.

- Do not use water.

- Minimize handling.

What size are they?

Incanto medium bloom roses have a diameter of about 7-7.5cm. Large blooms have a diameter of about 10cm. Both have a bloom height of about 8cm.

Stems have a length of 50cm, or less, if required.

Can you ship anywhere?

We have all the necessary documentation to ship all around the world. For USA, we are able to ship door to door.

Are preserved roses real?

Preserved roses are made from natural roses; then, they go through a special process in order for them to look fresh and last longer than a fresh cut rose.

Are preserved roses toxic?

Incanto preserved roses are non-toxic for handling, smelling, or keeping them inside rooms. They are not apt for consumption. If ingested, please contact a medical center as soon as possible. Be cautious about leaving children alone when handling preserved roses without any adult supervision.